Heavy Rotation top speakers


Eli Escobar “Love Away” (Night People)  more
Jesus Pablo, Adam Brass & Raha “When I Touch Your Lips” Dub Mix (Deeper Shades)  more
Dagui Rodann “Universal Prayer” Sebastien Grand Remix (Instinctive)  more
Nacho Marco “That Smile” (Lazy Days)  more
The Shapeshifters & River “It’s You” Purple Disco Machine Remix (Defected)  more
Lonely Boy “I Like Disco” (Futureboogie)  more
Liquid Phonk “I Don’t Dance” Inland Knights Mix (Something Different)  more
Fabio Tosti “Keep It Down” (Salted)  more
Detroit Swindle “Figure Of Speech” (Freerange)  more
Fouk “Kill Frenzy” (Heist)  more
Art Of Tones “The Rainbow Song” (Local Talk)  more
Vince Watson “Eminescence” (Yoruba)  more

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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